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Geoffrey Platt Consulting

Geoffrey Platt brings to his clients 40 years of leadership experience in non-profit management and the administration of cultural organizations. Many of these were small to medium in size, while several were start-ups, providing him broad, hands-on experience in all aspects of non-profit organizations – their operations, programming, governance and finances. Armed with a M.B.A. from the Harvard Business School, this knowledge has some basis in theory but is primarily rooted in practical experience, a record of problem- solving and the inevitable encounters with both successes and failures in the especially challenging arena of non-profit management.

“For some years my intention on retirement from daily management duties has been to establish a consulting practice. My goal for Geoffrey Platt Consulting is to help my clients to address a variety of challenges with the energy and the experience I have gained from my work in the nonprofit field.

Although the services described within can stand on their own, I believe in the relationships and interdependence that necessarily exist between them – for instance, strategic planning has a bearing on fund-raising, as does programming and community/media relations.  Effective management of nonprofits is diminished if too compartmentalized. My experience as the chief executive officer of a variety of nonprofits gives me the overview to meet my goal of providing assistance of value to my clients in any or all of the services I offer.”

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